Electric Vacuum Roar

by Nate Hall



"I always used to get shocked by the first guitar chords I had. They were really bad, With wires poking out and duct-taped ends. If you touched another guy plugged in, the power would snap your fingers and tingle for hours. It hurt. But it impressed on me the raw power of the instrument."


released July 15, 2015

Nate Hall – Electric Vacuum Roar
1 – Dance of the Prophet
2 – Long Howling Decline/People Fall Down

Recorded January 2013 by Travis Kammeyer at Fahrenheit Studio, Johnson City, Tennessee.
Nate Hall – Words, voice, guitars, synth, floor tom, bells.
Brett Netson – Guitar, bass.
Words and music by Nate Hall except for People Fall Down- by Brett Netson/Caustic Resin.
Thanks to Monson Guitars for building my custom electrics, to Blackout Effectors for the invention of the Crystal Dagger and for much support over the years, to Brett Netson for the boost pedal, amp, and conspiracy, to Emperor cabs for my great 2x12s, to Earcandy cabs for my little purple 2x8, to Endangered Audio Research for use of the Gristleizer, to Nate Mack for building me the ultimate custom jumbo, to Schweet guitars for the Capricorn Bass, to Sherwood’s Music for the hookup, to Hovercraft amps for the little blue 5-watter, and to Robert English for the hours of conversation, knowledge of all things relating to amplifier and guitar - and for keeping all my gear in solid working order for the last decade.
Thanks to whoever invented the: Marshall Mosfet, Fender Deluxe, Gibson Goltone, Ibanez Tubescreamer, Ibanez D3, Boss HM-2, Fender Bassman 50 watt head, Bigsby tremolo, SD Invader, Gibson 500-t, and el-cheapo $20 p-90 pickups.
Thanks to Neurot Recordings, Relapse, Domestic Genocide, I’m Better Than Everyone, RAIG, My Proud Mountain, Inherent Records, Heart and Cross Bone, Play The Assassin, Family Night, Static Age, and all of the other labels that have supported me.
Thanks to all my family, friends, and everyone I have played music with over the years.
Thanks to USX for the chaos and tinnitus. Thanks to Richard and Scott for getting loud with me. Thanks to Travis for recording me and for letting me startle and frighten him.
Cover photo by Jake Thomas
Original inner-sleeve art by Jason Statts
Mixed by Dave Clark
Mastered by Binya Reches



all rights reserved


Nate Hall Weaverville, North Carolina

I was born, I like music. I made some. Here it is.

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